Mahisa Packaging Systems LLP

Stall No:  6B.15

Company Description:
Mahisa were the Pioneers in introducing and establishing the effectiveness of Hot Melt Dispensing in the Packaging industry in India. It has been our daily bread for over two decades.
Our Expertise is the designing and manufacturing of quality products for dispensing Hot Melt adhesives and semi-automated solutions for gluing and folding of boxes at the end of line ensures that we always meet our customers’ requirements and perform beyond their expectations.
The acute focus on quality at Mahisa sets us apart from the others. Our innovative and effective packaging technology not only increases productivity but also brings down production cost.
What makes us unique is our long and rich history, our focus on highly-engineered, quality products, industry-leading innovation and the solid partnerships we form with customers. Every service that we provide is supported with application expertise and nationwide sales & service.
The demands on the melting and feeding of Hot Melt adhesives are as varied as the applications. At Mahisa, we meet this challenge with various product options.
Apart from supplying you with melters, we are always pleased to assist customers with our solid knowledge and experience, with selection and supply of various Modules, Hot Melt adhesives too.
Product on Display:
Hotmelt Delivery Systems
Eco Plus
Speed Pack
Applicator Heads
Hotmelt Adhesive
Located at:
9/314, Jogani Industrial Complex, V N Purav Marg, Chunabhatti East Mumbai 400022 Maharashtra India